April 19th, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Teresa Sanchez, Service Team Manager

Working in the world of human resources, we know the most important asset in business is people. That’s why we’re sharing more about our amazing team members and how they make Obsidian HR such a great place to work—and how they take care of our clients! 

This month, our employee spotlight is Teresa. 

Meet Teresa

Marvel movies, dancing, and adventures are a few things that Teresa, a Service Team Manager here at Obsidian HR, enjoys. She originally started with Obsidian HR’s parent company, ProService, back in 2013. However, we’re lucky she decided to make a change and move back to the mainland to work here. She’s now living in Colorado and has been at Obsidian HR for over a year. 

Having spent time living in Hawaii and Texas, Teresa loves the ocean. She’s big on snorkeling and scuba diving. Though our beautiful state doesn’t offer those activities, Teresa has acclimated to the Colorado lifestyle as an avid hiker! And there are plenty of new destinations that Teresa enjoys traveling to. In short—Teresa has an adventurous side. In fact, she’s saving up to go to Canada and Rwanda to see a polar bear and gorilla in person.

Teresa is quite multi-faceted. You may not know she’s a skilled dancer. She’s trained in Ballet Folklorico and Flamenco dancing. From the age of 5, she started dancing and continued to do so through her twenties. Teresa was so skilled in dancing, she was the Feria De Las Flores Queen and got a scholarship to pursue her degree in Business Management from A&M Corpus Christi. 

Eventually, her scholarship and education have led her to where she is today–Obsidian HR. 

Teresa’s Role at Obsidian HR

As a Service Team Manager, Teresa is responsible for a lot. She is critical to mentoring and training our new service team members and supporting our clients. The majority of her time is spent speaking with clients about our platform and features and any problems they’re having. But more than just solving their problems, Teresa and her team are focused on making things more efficient and easier for our clients. 

Teresa’s favorite part of her job is the people. Everyone on our service team is hard-working and incredibly helpful. A typical day for her is answering calls, going over priorities and stucks, and training team members. Teresa is such a great mentor and manager because of her approach to training new employees. She focuses on showing and visualizing processes to new hires so they can quickly learn how to do it themselves. 

Teresa also loves working with our clients. She says it’s so satisfying to help them save time, find a solution to their problems, and ultimately make a difference in their day. But HR isn’t easy, payroll errors and platform complications are a part of the job. So Teresa is always working to minimize mistakes and issues—which is why she has been so successful at Obsidian HR. 

How Teresa Describes the Obsidian HR Culture

Teresa describes our culture in two words—hard-working and fun. We work hard for our clients, especially the service team. But we also like to have fun and joke around. Teresa encourages her team to be silly and get to know one another. And Teresa is part of our culture committee which focuses on hosting company events and activities to bring us together. 

Teresa also values how our culture allows for a lot of autonomy. Since many of our employees are remote, she likes how we’re given the freedom to do our jobs. For anyone looking to join the Obsidian HR service team, Teresa says you’ll have to have to be able to problem-solve—employees here are encouraged to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. But we welcome anyone who has a great attitude, is respectful, and is hard-working. 

If you’re interested in joining the Obsidian HR team, learn more about us and check out our careers page. There are several open positions available on our service team!