July 5th, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Kyle Carney, Sr. Business Development Manager

Working in the world of human resources, we know the most essential asset in business is people. That’s why we’re sharing more about our amazing team members and how they make Obsidian HR a great place to work — and how they take care of our clients! 

This month, our employee spotlight is Kyle.

Meet Kyle

Kyle is a Colorado native and lives in Colorado Springs. Like most Coloradans, he loves the outdoors from hiking to camping to playing sports. Most notably, Kyle’s soon-to-be-married! Outside of getting ready for his impending nuptials, he enjoys spending time with his family and dogs and playing the guitar. 

As a Sr. Business Development Manager, Kyle is on our sales team at Obsidian HR, but he hasn’t always been in sales. Interestingly, he actually got a degree in psychology and spent time as an Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist and later a wine sommelier. He’ll be choosing the wine at all our company events from now on. 

But if you know Kyle, his personality has made him perfect for sales. He’s a very friendly, outgoing, logical, and responsible person. He’s so logical and responsible, that if he won the lottery the first thing he’d do is find out the tax liability and put a good amount into savings and investments. But outside that, he would buy a new house, some outdoor equipment, and probably some Colorado Avalanche gear — another smart decision considering the recent Stanley Cup Championship.  

Kyle’s Role at Obsidian HR

Kyle is on the sales team as a Senior Business Development Manager at Obsidian HR. He’s been here about six months now, but in his time has had a significant impact on our sales team. That’s because Kyle has extensive experience in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry. Prior to Obsidian HR, he was working at ADP for five years. 

Kyle ended up at Obsidian HR due to his desire to work for a local PEO that supports small businesses in Colorado. He also valued our strong leadership team experience — and support from ProService, our parent company. What’s continued to fuel Kyle’s work here is his passion for helping the local business community. 

Kyle’s favorite part of his job is going to local businesses and learning more about their work, how they got started, and their goals for the future. A typical day for our Business Development Managers includes lots of conversations with potential clients both in-person and virtually — but every day is different. As a Sr. Business Development Manager, Kyle also works closely with other reps and our business development team on deal strategy and best practices. 

To be successful in a role like Kyle’s, he shares you have to be focused on bringing in clients and achieving revenue goals. But he advises anyone looking to join our sales team should be empowered to have conversations with the business community without being pushy. Not everyone is going to be the right fit, but as long as you offer value beyond what you are selling, the conversation will be productive and create a lasting relationship. 

For Kyle, the real satisfaction for what he does comes from bringing on clients who truly need our services and want to provide a better experience for their employees — and watching their business grow and succeed as a result. 

How Kyle Describes the Obsidian HR Culture

Another reason Kyle chose to come work for Obsidian HR was because of the culture. He values how energetic, caring, and fun it is. Specifically, he appreciates that we not only care deeply about each other but our clients as well. We have a tendency to celebrate our clients’ successes just as much as our successes as a company. After all, we’re a local, growing business ourselves. 

And even though many of our employees are based all over Colorado and other states, Kyle likes traveling in from Colorado Springs for our company events and get-togethers. 

If you’re curious about joining our sales team or applying to other positions at Obsidian HR, we invite you to learn more about us and check out our careers page. And reach out to us with any questions!