Your employees are critical to your business's success. But providing the training they need can require a lot of effort and be costly to set up. Obsidian HR has a platform that engages your employees and provides the resources needed to improve their job performance without a ton of additional cost. So you can help your employees — and your small business — grow.

  1. On-Demand HR and Professional Development Courses
  2. Custom Content Capabilities
  3. Integrated Reporting

Invest in your employees

Our on-demand, customizable training platform will help your employees be the best at their job.

On-Demand Training Topics

100+ pre-built courses on essential topics for HR compliance and workplace safety — in addition to courses on leadership, project management, and customer service

Professional Development

Additional training topics spanning industries and roles so your employees can develop new skills, increase their productivity, and take their careers to the next level

Custom Content & Training Materials

Our platform allows you to upload your own training content and materials to store and manage it in one place

Integrated Reporting

Tracking for employee training and completion


Learn More

Access a variety of our learning resources on industry trends and best practices to make better decisions when it comes to your employees and business.