June 7th, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Steve Rothenburgh, Payroll Manager

Working in the world of human resources, we know the most important asset in business is people. That’s why we’re sharing more about our amazing team members and how they make Obsidian HR such a great place to work—and how they take care of our clients! 

This month, our employee spotlight is Steve. 

Meet Steve

Steve is a Payroll Manager here at Obsidian HR. In his free time, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and community. He has a daughter that just graduated high school and he regularly plays in softball leagues for fun. Outside of that, he also devotes his time to volunteering at his church where he helps with audio-visual production on Sundays. 

Steve doesn’t hold a lot back—if you’ve ever been in a meeting with him, you know this is true. In fact, lately, Stephen’s been starting morning meetings with a dad joke. His latest—what’s the best way to watch a fly fishing tournament? 


As you can tell, Steve is always good for a laugh. We enjoy having him around here at Obsidian HR—but he does much more than tell Dad jokes. 

Steve’s Role at Obsidian HR

Steve currently lives here in Colorado but is originally from Rochester, NY. He’s been with Obsidian HR for about a year now but was previously working for a company in the energy industry running their in-house payroll. In total, Steve has 21 years of experience working in payroll! 

Steve shares that he came to Obsidian HR for the growth opportunities and challenge. And he’s found both. Steve has worked hard and already found success at Obsidian HR. He started as a Payroll Services Lead and was promoted to a Payroll Manager earlier this year. 

As a Payroll Manager, every day is different for Steve. Often he is focused on training and managing new team members and working to improve payroll processes internally, but he also works directly with clients. Achieving success at Obsidian HR for Steve comes down to communication and accurate payroll processing. 

So much of the payroll team’s success is dependent on having great customer service and follow-up with our clients, while resolving any payroll issues immediately. Steve likes using his analytical skills to look at things in a different way from others in order to solve problems. But most of all, Steve loves that his job and the Obsidian HR culture allow him to pursue his passion for helping people—our clients.

How Steve Describes the Obsidian HR Culture

Steve describes our culture as open and collaborative. One thing Steve noticed at other companies was the lack of transparency. Here at Obsidian HR, he values the fact that there is open communication between departments and team members. We are all focused on getting our job done, but we get along really well and have fun while we’re at it too. 

Steve has been a great addition to the team at Obsidian HR. His experience and expertise have allowed him to quickly be successful here. But his advice to his younger self would be “be confident and know your value”. 

Too many of us think we are where we should be. But in reality, Steve has learned you can be better no matter where you are in life—don’t just accept the status quo. So if you’re ready for something better, consider joining the Obsidian HR team. We invite you to learn more about us, and check out our careers page. There are several open positions available on our service team!