Workers Compensation

You’re never expecting a workplace injury. When they do happen, it’s important you're prepared to avoid any liabilities. Workers' compensation experts at Obsidian HR understand the stress that comes with workplace safety.

Through buying power, Obsidian HR provides cost-effective coverage for your workers' compensation needs, while also working with you to prevent future occurrences. And a pay-as-you-go pricing option lowers your upfront costs and is assessed every year to make sure you have a competitive insurance rate.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
  2. Claims Management
  3. Back-to-Work Programs
  4. Workplace Health & Safety Guidance

Confidently handle claims and improve safety and productivity

Our comprehensive workers’ compensation program will safeguard your Colorado small business from accidents and claims and protect your people — while reducing your insurance costs.


Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Flexible monthly and multi-year pricing without deposits and down payments to keep your costs low


Claims Management

We’ll facilitate your claims and ensure you're compliant


Back-to-Work Programs

Our experts consult with you on the right program for your employees' return to work


Workplace Health & Safety Guidance

Access to our training on a variety of topics for you and your employees


Learn More

Access a variety of our learning resources on industry trends and best practices to make better decisions when it comes to your employees and business.