March 17th, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Dan Oswald, Business Development Manager

Working in the world of human resources, we know the most important asset in business is people. That’s why we’re sharing more about our amazing team members and how they make Obsidian HR such a great place to work—and how they take care of our clients! 

This month, our employee spotlight is Dan. 

Meet Dan

Dan was born and raised in Chicago—if he could, he’d buy an equity stake in the Chicago Bulls. But Dan currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Aside from the work he does at Obsidian HR, Dan spends his free time with family and friends and travels back and forth from Chicago. Something most people don’t know about Dan—he lived in a van and traveled the country for six months. He’s also quite athletic and competed in an ironman. And he brings this energy to our team at Obsidian HR. 

However, before joining our company, Dan was in software sales. As you can imagine, you have to be a go-getter to be successful in sales. But Dan also has a softer side. He is one of the most positive influences at Obsidian HR. 

One reason he joined our team was that he wanted a sales role that helped people. He notes that most sales roles are very transactional and the sales cycle is short. With our business, he’s able to cultivate relationships and sell a product that he considers personally valuable. And he’s done well at it. 

Dan’s Role at Obsidian HR

Dan has been at Obsidian HR for over two years. He joined our team at the start of 2020 and has had a huge impact. For one, he’s one of our top-performing Business Development Managers. For another, he’s now in charge of training and enablement for our sales team—meaning he’s responsible for educating our new sales team members. 

Dan is also responsible for educating prospective clients on the services we provide. Since what Obsidian HR offers can be so broad, this is no easy task. On a day-to-day basis, he’s finding prospects and speaking with those who are interested in our support. His objective is to achieve quota and sales goals, but underneath that, he’s striving to help small businesses in Colorado achieve success through our services. 

Though the world of workers’ compensation and healthcare plans can be tedious, Dan enjoys finding what businesses are struggling with and helping them find solutions to do better. That’s one reason he’s so focused on training our sales staff. Being a professional employer organization (PEO) is complex. Our team members have to be experts in the human resources space to successfully help our clients. And that starts with Dan.

How Dan Describes the Obsidian HR Culture

In talking about the Obsidian HR culture, Dan refers to the FACES of our culture: Fun, Appreciation, Customer-Obsessed, Empathy, and Self-Awareness. And he truly embodies each of these! Most importantly, Dan highlights how fun our culture is—being a hybrid environment, we still get together for happy hours, holiday events, and in-person meetings. 

Outside of these aspects though, Dan’s favorite thing about working at Obsidian HR is the people. He talks about how helpful, caring, and understanding our team members are—and hungry. Not hungry for food, but hungry for success and the success of our business and the companies we serve. After all, we’re a growing small business too! 

And we’re hiring! If you’re interested in a sales or marketing position, chances are you’d get to learn from Dan. To work here, Dan’s advice is to make sure you’re a self-starter and motivated for the right reasons. Our sales team isn’t just about making the sale but helping our clients. 

if you’re interested in joining the Obsidian HR team, learn more about us and check out our careers page