June 9th, 2021

Understanding Today’s Remote Work Reality

Taking a proactive approach to remote work is critical to your company’s success.

The major shift to remote work was brought on by the pandemic, but the effects of a more geographically distributed workplace could mark a permanent change for how companies operate.

As an HR leader or business owner evaluating your current workplace strategy, you’ll need to take into account how employees are impacted by remote work, how remote work can help or hinder operations, and the various laws and regulations that apply to a distributed workforce, among other important considerations.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear:

  • Opportunities and challenges of remote work and how to address them
  • Best practices for attracting and retaining top talent, managing remote work performance, and maintaining your company culture
  • Laws and regulations to be aware of to make sure your business is in compliance


  • Kathy Vinson, Senior HR Consultant, Obsidian HR

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