July 28th, 2021

How to Attract & Retain Top Talent to Grow Your Business

A variety of factors have to work together for you to successfully grow your business. But right now attracting and retaining top talent is the biggest challenge.

Around 40% of employees are planning to change jobs this year. And 91% of companies report a lack of available workers is slowing the economy in their area. So no matter your industry, the shifting job market is making it impossible to retain and hire employees — and ultimately grow your business.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The impact the current labor shortage has had on small businesses
  • Strategies for attracting and keeping qualified employees such as:
    • How to leverage remote work
    • Providing better benefits
  • What other HR pitfalls to look out for and avoid that could be hindering your growth


  • Jordan Conley, President, Obsidian HR

Watch On-Demand Webinar

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