Leading Through Crisis – Part 1: Remote Work

The following is based on a series of talks given by Jordan Conley, President of Obsidian HR, to address the widespread health and work crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak. During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to provide strong leadership. If you’re a business owner, leader, or executive, you are not alone. The business community is learning … Read More

Coronavirus: How to Protect Your Colorado Workplace

Protect Your Workplace

Coronavirus (or COVID-19) is a topic you probably hear about multiple times a day. Whether discussed on the news, at home, or in the office, it’s top of mind for many people. As the CDC and medical experts continue to expand their knowledge of coronavirus and its potential impact here in the U.S. and globally, we’re interested in how we … Read More

Rules Are Good for HR: Here’s Why

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HR is responsible for much more than just collecting and organizing paperwork. Often HR is responsible for establishing and upholding organizational rules—for good reason. Its role in any given organization is to keep employees fulfilled, satisfied, and motivated. That said, it takes a lot of structure to create a healthy and productive work environment, and the world’s best HR professionals … Read More

Performance Management: A Good Thing for Employers, a Great Thing for Employees

Performance Management is a Good Thing

Throw around words like “outsourcing” or “automation” at work, and you’re likely to make employees nervous. That’s understandable — these terms tend to conjure up images of pink slips falling en masse over a sea of empty desks as layoffs decimate the office your staff once called their workplace. Who wants that? Probably no one. But here’s the thing: those … Read More

Which HR Technology You Use Matters

Most business owners understand that Human Resources is an important department, but not everyone is aware of just how many responsibilities fall under the HR umbrella. What’s more, is few of us actually associate HR and technology. Consequently, it’s easy for the owners of small and medium sized businesses to assume they can handle HR functions on their own — … Read More

Could Turkey, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie Change HR?

There is a reason why the “H” stands for “Human” in HR – at the end of the day, businesses are run by people (at least until AI completely takes over) ;-).Thanksgiving week, one of those times during the year when the feeling among co-workers and clients changes ever so slightly. People thank each other more, have more empathy for … Read More

Technology and HR – Like C-3P0 and R2-D2… They Just Go Together

Over the last 20 years, through my work in various HR services companies, I have essentially worked for over 30,000 small and medium sized businesses. While I would like to think I provided them great service and value, there is no question that they provided me insight into their world, their challenges, and specifically how the people side of the … Read More