3 Alternatives to Workforce Layoffs

As the global pandemic continues, leaders of small businesses are having to make some tough decisions in the face of financial hardship, not the least of which is how—or if—to keep your current workforce on the payroll. Do you maintain every employee and try to power through, or do you implement a reduction in force—otherwise known as a layoff? We … Read More

Coronavirus: How an SBA Loan Can Help Your Small Business Right Now

The coronavirus continues to leave business owners feeling uncertain about how to run operations and pay and retain staff. If sales are dropping and you’re wondering how to sustain your business without taking on a crippling amount of debt, you may want to consider what a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan can do for you. The SBA helps small businesses … Read More

Rules Are Good for HR: Here’s Why

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HR is responsible for much more than just collecting and organizing paperwork. Often HR is responsible for establishing and upholding organizational rules—for good reason. Its role in any given organization is to keep employees fulfilled, satisfied, and motivated. That said, it takes a lot of structure to create a healthy and productive work environment, and the world’s best HR professionals … Read More

Performance Management: A Good Thing for Employers, a Great Thing for Employees

Performance Management is a Good Thing

Throw around words like “outsourcing” or “automation” at work, and you’re likely to make employees nervous. That’s understandable — these terms tend to conjure up images of pink slips falling en masse over a sea of empty desks as layoffs decimate the office your staff once called their workplace. Who wants that? Probably no one. But here’s the thing: those … Read More