About Obsidian HR

We are passionate about people. By helping you simplify your employee administration and Human Resource functions, we empower entrepreneurs like you to stay focused on your most impactful work.

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About Obsidian HR Services

Who We Are

Obsidian HR is a full service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) based in Denver, Colorado. We help you hire, retain, and manage people day-to-day so you can stay focused on effectively managing, developing, and growing your business.

We provide human resources, employee benefits, payroll and risk & compliance management services on an outsourced basis to small to midsize businesses.

Our Location

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to empower employers in Colorado to succeed.

One Team

One Team

One Team is understanding that our company and our culture is something each of us owns and to which everyone contributes. It’s Obsidian HR first, not me first, and “we” before “me.”

Play for Keeps

Play for Keeps

Play for Keeps is striving to be the best we can be, through our individual efforts and collectively as a team. We seek to be the best in the world at HR and we assess our performance against our goal of being the absolute best.

Clients are partners

HR Clients Are Partners

Our clients’ success is our success. We bring urgency, passion and discipline to making improvements for clients. We take it personally to do our best work for every client.


Be a Pro

Be A Pro

Being a Pro is being the best in our roles and working to get the best out of each other. We make our teams better so we can be better together.

We Learn

Training &
We Learn

We seek to be continuous learners at Obsidian HR. We see growth opportunities in learning from mistakes, in our successes, and acting like a rookie. To reach our full potential, we must always be learning.

Our Leadership

We are led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and HR professionals.

Jordan Conley

As President of Obsidian HR, Jordan is responsible for the strategy, customer experience, culture, and profitability of the business.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the HR outsourcing industry, he brings a unique perspective to the evolving needs and definition of “HR” in the modern workplace.

Prior to being appointed President of Obsidian HR, he was a founding member of ZeroChaos (now Workforce Logiq) and has held senior leadership roles at CoAdvantage (a large national HR outsourcing firm) and ProService (Obsidian HR’s parent company).

As a natural entrepreneur, Jordan is passionate about seeing opportunities where businesses need help and partnering with leaders to protect their operations and make growth a reality. Jordan attended the University of Central Florida and Crummer School of Business at Rollins.

He is married with three sons and currently resides in Denver, CO where he is an active car aficionado, an avid reader and connoisseur of Colorado beer.

Rok Kopp
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

As CRO of Obsidian HR, Rok is responsible for building the sales and marketing strategy to support Obsidian HR’s continuing commitment to customer experience and community engagement.

Kopp brings over a decade of experience as a sales executive and culture builder at several best-in-class technology and service companies. Prior to Obsidian HR, he served as CRO of Apto where he led revenue and training efforts focused on scaling business profitably. Prior to that role, he was VP of Sales at Top Hat where he led the company from $1M to $30M in revenue growth and has also held multiple sales leadership roles at Groupon.

Rok attended the University of Notre Dame.

He is married with two children, currently resides in Denver, CO and is passionate about sports and coaching.

Sebastian Sainz
General Manager

Sebastian Sainz is passionate about service. Sebastian draws upon his 20+ years in the HR / payroll / benefits space to design and implement elegant solutions to complex problems for our clients.

As the head of operations at Obsidian HR, he is responsible for ensuring that every client receives exceptional care and a phenomenal experience at all times.

Sebastian has spent the past 12 years in HR outsourcing and building strong service teams to provide world-class payroll, HR, benefits, and implementation experiences to clients across the US. When he’s not working on behalf of our clients, Sebastian is focused on providing world-class parenting to his four children and an above-average husbanding experience for his wife (he’s still a work in progress).

As his schedule allows, Sebastian also enjoys woodworking, gourmet cooking, and photography.

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