Great Things Happened When This CUSO Chose Obisidian HR as Their New PEO

InNetwork is a leader in the branching network channel. In business since 1992, they assist state networks and credit unions with their shared branching needs.

Before partnering with Obsidian, the InNetwork team found their HR experience frustrating, and couldn’t rely on their PEO to complete tasks accurately or on time. This lack of care and attention meant something had to change.

InNetwork’s HR Challenges

Tasked with finding a new HR solution, Rosemary Paddock, VP of Operations at InNetwork, did her research. As part of her role at InNetwork, Rosemary reviews the company’s current PEO and researches alternatives to ensure that their current provider is still the best fit for InNetwork.

Because the company was already dissatisfied with their current provider, Rosemary was keen to find a better solution and discovered Obsidian HR.

"Obsidian HR could provide for all of my needs, had a local presence, and could reduce company and employee costs. And once I spoke with companies already utilizing the Obsidian HR service, I was sold!

Obsidian HR confidently handles so much of the HR function that I can dedicate the time I need to my other responsibilities."

Rosemary Paddock, VP Operations @ InNetwork

The Obsidian HR Advantage

Obsidian HR provides InNetwork with a full range of PEO services, including payroll. They also rely on Obsidian HR for sourcing and interviewing new hires. As part of this process, Obsidian places the ad for the position, collects and screens resumes, and then conducts the first interview via telephone.

This approach has not only streamlined InNetwork’s hiring process but also saves Rosemary time, freeing her up for other tasks.

How InNetwork’s HR Experience Has Improved

InNetwork’s HR experience has improved dramatically since they chose to partner with Obsidian HR.  
I can now count on payroll being run correctly, reports being accurate, and questions being answered in a timely manner. Having the peace of mind that things are done right the first time is such a comfort. And the HRIS is so easy to navigate through; much can be done right on the system rather than needing to send in a request and hoping it is completed in a timely manner.

What InNetwork Loves About ObsidianHR

Rosemary’s favorite part about working with the ObsidianHR team is the people. She has worked extensively with Sebastian Seinz, Joan Cooke, and Brandy Wells and thinks they are all amazing. 
Everyone has been knowledgeable and kind. They all possess a sense of humor and no-one has ever made me feel foolish or stupid for asking the same question over and over again. The support has been exceptional, and I feel like I am talking to a friend when I speak with someone there.

Obsidian HR Goes Above & Beyond

Rosemary mentioned two situations where the Obsidian HR team went above and beyond for InNetwork: 

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