Obsidian HR is Proud to Support Bonfire, a Broadband Engineering and Construction Firm

Bonfire Engineering and Construction offers turnkey engineering, construction, and technology and helps service providers, utilities, and municipalities deploy broadband infrastructure across the United States. In addition to their headquarters and warehouse in Denver, Colorado, they also have an office in Springfield, Missouri.

Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s previous human resources company treated them like nothing more than a number, passing them around from one customer manager to another and leaving a lot to be desired. The last straw came when the company’s Denver office closed, putting an end to any face to face meetings. This prompted Bonfire Engineering and Construction to begin looking for a new human resources partner that treated them like people, not just an account and was better able to meet their needs and address their unique human resources challenges.

Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s HR Challenges

Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s biggest challenge is that they offer two distinct services: Engineering and construction. Each service has its own complexities regarding personnel, workers’ compensation, benefits, and compensation. To help streamline things on their end, they wanted a human resources company that didn’t treat the two sides as two separate entities, but integrating the two sides and creating a culture that respects that unity was challenging.

The Obsidian HR team was able to help Bonfire Engineering and Construction better structure themselves internally, determine appropriate salaries for our workers, and wrote a handbook for us that accommodated both groups’ needs. This handbook helped create equality and consistency across both teams, better unifying the company.

The Obsidian HR Advantage

After asking around for recommendations Bonfire Engineering and Construction were sent a glowing review of Jordan Conley and the rest of the Obsidian HR team.

Though they ended up interviewing three different PEO firms, Obsidian HR was the clear winner, and a partnership was born.

Obsidian HR provides Bonfire Engineering and Construction with a wide range of PEO services, including:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • DOT drug testing
  • Personnel guidance

    How Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s HR Experience Has Improved

    While Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s previous company made them feel like a faceless account, their relationship with Obsidian HR is a true partnership.
    "We now have a partner in HR. I feel Obsidian is personally vested in Bonfire, and their staff almost feels like one of ours. It seems the people at Obsidian know all our company employees names and want to make sure they are well taken care of."
    Chris Terch
    The fact that Obsidian HR was able to help Bonfire Engineering and Construction expand and flesh out their employee handbook was also incredibly beneficial. 
    “Our original handbook was very simple and basic. Sebastian and others have spent hours with us on the phone and in-person helping us revise it to meet our specific needs. Again, we have two distinct types do offerings, and the handbook helps stitch some of it together.” 
    Chris Terch
    Our team also works hard to ensure we are always there for our partners when they need us. 
    “If I have a question (and I always have questions), I know I can send an email or make a call, and someone will answer. There have been several late-night calls to Sebastian and Jordan about personnel, and they always answer.” 
    Chris Terch

    What Bonfire Loves About ObsidianHR

    Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s favorite part about working with Obsidian HR is our team, and they love working with their two main points of contact: Sebastian Seinz and Brandy Wells. 

    Obsidian HR Goes Above & Beyond

    At Obsidian HR, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. Bonfire Engineering and Construction team told us they particularly appreciate that we are always there to answer any late-night emergency phone calls. They also appreciate how Sebastian and Jordan are always willing and able to answer any questions or help craft a solution to whatever challenge we are facing. 

    When one of Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s new team members, Alan, first started with them, he had some trouble getting his direct deposit set up, and as a result, he didn’t have it ready before payday. Brandy took it upon herself to hand-deliver his paycheck to Bonfire Engineering and Construction’s office and ensure he got paid on time. 

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